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Student Council

This is an area for all student council and club information.


Student Council: We, the members of the Student Council make it our goal to include all members of the student body to work toward the betterment of our school and community. We strive for students to pursue their leadership roles and skills throughout life to enhance and impact today' s society. Our motto is " Home of the Champions"

An efficient student government is as essential to a school as classes are. Each student of Cromwell High should understand the council, since the council represents the student body. In today' s world a vital student council is needed to help guide our young people.

The CHS Student Council consists of the class executive members, class representatives, and non-voting club member representatives. Meetings are held biweekly with all but two meetings held before school. Two meetings are held at night: one each semester. A minimum of fourteen hours, seven each semester, must be met by every member along with abiding by the student discipline code as stated in the handbook and the attendance policy for Student Council.

The Executive Board, composed of eight members from within the council, are the core of the council and meets bimonthly in the morning. The officers are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Senior and Junior Board of Education Representatives, and Webmaster.

Each class elects a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and nine class representatives at the end of each year. Freshmen elections take place at the end of their 8th grade year. Four class representatives at large are chosen through an application and interview process after elections have taken place in early September. All representatives are voting members of Student Council. Student Council is open to all students.



All School Production: An All School Production is to give opportunities to students on the stage and behind the stage. The productions have been in late winter. In the past, Cromwell High has presented numerous shows, such as Anything Goes, Grease, Chicago, and 9 to 5. All acting students must audition for parts in a play. However, all are welcome to work behind the scenes. There is plenty to do! Open to all students.

CAYAC: Cromwell Awareness Youth Action Council shall be a group comprised of a faculty adviser and Cromwell High School students, to promote school and community awareness and dangers of substance abuse.

Carbon Club:

Chess Club: Chess Club promotes the game of chess by including all students that would like to learn the game or to further their skills and strategies.

Dance Club: It is the purpose of the Cromwell High School's Dance team to promote school spirit, provide entertainment through the art of dance and rhythm at athletic events and to represent and uphold the school and community values at the highest caliber.

Debate Team: Currently, there is no advisor for the Debate Team. The purpose of this organization shall be to provide training and a competitive venue for students who wish to learn formal debate techniques. The Debate Team shall debate issues on a weekly basis as an after-school activity, and shall compete with other public and private high schools in Connecticut debates.

Future Problem Solvers: The Future Problem Solving Program seeks to unite members and develop the ability of these young people to design and promote positive futures through problem-solving using critical and creative thinking. Open to all students, each year teams or individuals have the opportunity to go to the state championship and compete to be selected to fly to the international conference against high school students from global Future Problem-Solving Programs.

Future Teachers Club:

Gay-Straight Alliance: The members of the Gay-Straight Alliance strive to create a safer and more supportive environment for LGBTQ+ students and their allies at Cromwell High School. We help educate the CHS community on acceptance and tolerance of ending homophobia and harassment against gender non-conforming students.

History Club: Currently, there is no advisor for the History Club. The purpose of the Cromwell High School History Club is to further the knowledge and appreciation for history. In the History Club, we will study both US history and World history by watching historic movies, discussing current events, and working collaboratively with the Cromwell Historical Society. All students are welcome to join.

Jazz Ensemble: This group of musicians is comprised of students who audition for the ensemble in the Fall. Students must be members of the concert band. They meet once a week for two hours and perform jazz and jazz/rock music at various concerts throughout the year. Students must be enrolled in band.

Literary Magazine: The mission of Cromwell High School's Literary Magazine is to be a positive environment where any student can improve their writing skills. As a team, we will produce works for the entire school to enjoy (Literary Magazine ), as well as be a place for students to review and critique the works of their peers.

Music Festival: Students who want to further their choral and band experiences at the state level have opportunities to participate in Shoreline competitions or audition for Northern Regionals and All-State. The festivals take place in different Connecticut locations each year with students from other CT high schools. Students learn from guest conductors from around the country in their choral or band ensembles.

National Art Honor Society: The NAHS is to recognize those students who have shown outstanding ability in art; to foster excellence and a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art; to further the creative skills and talents of the society' s members, as well as the school' s entire student art enrollment; to aid members in working toward the attainment of their highest potential in the art area; to bring the attention of art to the community and school; increase awareness of art in relation to other areas of the school curriculum; to further aesthetic awareness in all aspects of the school' s total program. In order to be eligible for NAHS - 3 fine arts classes with an 88% or better and other criteria. Members in Training are open to all students.

National French Honor Society:

National Spanish Honor Society:

National Honor Society: The National Honor Society (NHS) elevates a school's commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. NHS students and their peers volunteer in their communities at the highest rates and make connecting with and serving within the community a priority. To become a member of the National Honor Society, students in their junior or senior year must have a minimum 3.8 GPA (weighted cumulative), have no behavioral infractions, and have a minimum of 40 service hours. Students must be invited to complete the application to receive approval from the teacher board. Click here to access the directions and application.

Newspaper Club: Members learn to become better writers and journalists. There are group discussions on how to run a paper. Members write articles to be published in our online newspaper.

Pep Band:

Robotics Club:

School to Career Club: Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

Scoreboard Graphics Club: The Club's mission is to facilitate student commitment to graphics that highlight student achievement in sports and to strengthen school spirit at CHS. Members work as a team to help each other better their potential in design and graphics.

Ski /Snowboard Club: Currently, there is no advisor for the Ski/Snowboard Club. The object of this club shall be to ski and ride in New England Mountains. This group is open to all students and staff.

Tri-M Honor Society:

Ultimate Frisbee Club: The purpose of this organization shall be to learn the sport of Ultimate Frisbee and to play it within the guidelines of The Spirit of the Game. This team is open to anyone who wishes to play.

Unified Sports:

Unity Club: A club that promotes awareness and acceptance of diversity that occurs in our school, community, and world. We also promote a school climate that facilitates positive intergroup relations and discourages prejudice and discrimination. Open to all students.

World Language Club: To promote an understanding and appreciation of the Spanish/French cultures. Activities have been trips to museums, Spanish/French restaurants, teaching Spanish/French dances, trips to Canada, scavenger hunts, and attending plays. Open to all students.

Yearbook: The Magna Panthera, the school yearbook, starts work in the summer and continues throughout the school year. It is a collection of pictures, a summary of events, and advertisements. The editor is a Senior who looks for the help of many others to do a variety of duties. Open to all students.

DECA: Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

Eco Club: The object of this club shall be to promote environmental awareness and sustainable lifestyle choices within the Cromwell High School community.

Select Choirs: Select Choirs include Men' s Choir (a combination of Tenors and Basses), Women' s Choir (a combination of Sopranos and Altos), and Select Choir (Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses). We are all vocalists who perform a diverse repertoire of music at a Holiday Concert, a Benefit Concert, and a Vocal Jazz and Pops Cabaret.

World Language Club: The organization exists as an extra-curricular educational activity to promote the study of world language at Cromwell High School and to provide students the opportunity to gain a greater knowledge of and appreciation for other cultures. Various fund-raisers earn monies which enable students to travel, and therefore experience foreign cultures first-hand.


"So much more goes on behind the scenes at the High School with the Student Council members, volunteers and advisors... The educational benefits of being involved in this program prepares our youth to be better adults."

Hartford Courant

Student Council Mission

Congratulations to the following for being elected as


President -

Vice President -

Secretary -

Treasurer -

Historian -

Webmaster -

Senior Board of Ed Rep -

Junior Board of Ed Rep -


All School Production - Ms. Nelson

Carbon Club - Mr. Tomasino

C.A.Y.A.C. - Dr. Speno

Chess Club - Dr. Speno

Connections - Ms. Marchinkoski

Dance Team - Ms. D'Orvilliers

Debate Club - VACANT

Future Problem Solvers - Mr. Alletzhauser

Future Teachers Club - Ms. Polizonis

LGBTQ - Ms. Whitehill

History Club - VACANT

Jazz Ensemble -

Literary Magazine - Ms. Holcombe

Music Festival - Ms. Nelson

National Art Honor Society - Mr. Fiske

National Honor Society -

Newspaper Club -

Pep Band -

Robotics Club - Mr. Borgia

School to Career - Mr. Graham

Scoreboard Graphics Club - Ms. D'Orvilliers

Senior Activities - Ms. Turner

Sk/Snowboard Club - VACANT

Spanish National Honor Society - Ms. Williams

Student Council - Ms. Roberts & Ms. Murphy

Tri-M Music Honor Society - Ms. Nelson

Ultimate Frisbee Club - Mr. LaMay

Unified Sports - Ms. Murphy

Unity Club - Ms. Jainchill

Women' s/Men' s Choir - Ms. Nelson

World Language Club - Mrs. Williams

Yearbook Club - Ms. Mackey & Ms. Plona

CLASS ADVISORS (2022 - 2023)

Grade 9 (2026) - Open Position

Grade 10 (2025) - Ms. Whitehill & Ms. Polizonis

Grade 11 (2024) - Mrs. Miller

Grade 12 (2023) - Mr. Knight & Mr. Harder

If you are performing on-stage at an event such as Mr. Cromwell or the Talent Show and your act requires someone that is not a Cromwell High School student, please download this form to be filled out for the event: Student Council Events Guest Permission Form

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